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About Us

About Us

what is NFToyz?

NFToyz is an exploratory, experimental project that we're both working on!
we want to play with smart contracts and all sorts of NFT ideas, while also creating an entire collection of different types of (mostly) 3D, toy-like NFT projects
keep an eye on Son's twitter and our YouTube channel to keep up with what we're working on!

who are we?

Son Nguyen has 20+ years of software engineering experience, and is the main artist behind our CryptoOx and Sausage Party Club NFTs. In the past year he has developed a curiosity for web3 and smart contracts, and is passionate about everything that is happening in the NFT space.

Allison Day has 15+ years of software engineering experience, and leads our generative art projects. In recent years she has really gotten into content creation, and you can find many of her videos on YouTube and TikTok.
Son and Allison met in 2005, have been working together since 2008, and finally married in 2017