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HorrorFi(ing) Crypto News | The NFToyz Podcast, S2 E3: Universal Studios, Disney, and Funko NFTs!

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Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios

One of the biggest problems people are trying to solve in the NFT space is onboarding - how do you get normal people to start buying and using NFTs?

Universal Studios is partnering with MoonPay, which is a crypto payments service, for a massive NFT scavenger hunt experience in their California and Florida parks, as part of their Halloween Horror Nights event throughout the month of October.

Seven different QR codes will be hidden in the theme park, and when scanned, each will mint an NFT with Halloween Horror Nights-themed art. Parkgoers who find and scan all seven will receive a special gold medal NFT, which will allegedly unlock special perks.

Universal Studios and MoonPay are anticipating somewhere around 7 million NFTs will be minted, which will make this the biggest IRL onboarding event in NFT history.


Funko has been really interested in the NFT space for the past year. In August 2021 they started releasing monthly drops of their Digital Pop! NFTs, which are digital trading card collectibles.

In a few days they’ll be launching another project, in which they’re partnering with Warner Brothers and Walmart to release a “phygital” product, where you get both a physical copy of DC’s “The Brave and The Bold” comic book cover, and can claim it as an NFT online.

Funko x Warner Brothers:

Disney NFTs

Disney is trying to hire a transaction lawyer to explore emerging technology opportunities, including NFTs. No other information on their plans at the moment, but Disney has dipped their toes into the NFT space last year with the release of their Golden Moments Partners Statue NFT on the VeVe app.

Disney hiring transaction lawyer for 'aggressive' NFT and DeFi plans

Robinhood Polygon Wallet

Notably, Robinhood says it won’t charge Robinhood Wallet users network or gas fees for transactions, differentiating its non-custodial offering from other popular non-custodial wallets such as Metamask and Coinbase Wallet.

Christie’s 3.0

On-chain curated NFT marketplace

Sotheby’s also launched their own NFT marketplace last year

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