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A podcast to keep you up to date with what's happening in the NFT industry.

Articles to help you learn important concepts in the NFT space.

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HorrorFi(ing) Crypto News | The NFToyz Podcast, S2 E3: Universal Studios, Disney, and Funko NFTs!

Halloween Horror Nights Universal StudiosOne of the biggest problems people are trying to solve in the NFT space is onboarding - how do you get normal people to start buying and using NFTs? Universal Studios is partnering with MoonPay, which is a crypto payments service, for a massive NFT scavenger

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Sailing the OpenSeas | The NFToyz Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

Unintentionally, just about all our news this week has to do with OpenSea, which is currently the most popular secondary marketplace to buy and sell NFTs! (#notsponsored) OpenSea's OpenRarityOpenSea is introducing this rarity protocol as a way to standardize rarity calculations, in a way that is transparent and open source:

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HAPPY NFT DAY! | The NFToyz Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome back to the NFToyz Podcast! In this episode, we discuss: - International NFT Day (is today!!!): - Starbucks is launching their own NFTs: - The Merge happened successfully, and now Ethereum's power usage is down 99.95%!